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Mike Fisher shoves a tennis ball in his mouth

Oh Mr. Underwood, you crazy.

Mike Fisher shoves a tennis ball in his mouth

Oh Mr. Underwood, you crazy.

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Carrie Underwood is proud of her man. (◕‿◕✿)

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Happy 3rd Anniversary to Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher!


They are darling.

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My kinda girl!!! I love how shiny her eyes are when she talks about her husband. So sweet. 

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Love them.

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This is so worth a reblog. Love these 2 so much. 


love never fails

D’aww Johnny & Sheena share an anniversary with the Underwood-Fishers?? Cute.

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�He is such a warm, caring person and has a wonderful faith in people that I sometimes lack. He’s a gorgeous heart wrapped in a gorgeous man.�

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12. Edmonton Oilers: Ryans Whitney & Jones. Evidence below:

Honorable mention to Taylor Hall:

13. Florida Panthers: Brian Campbell. I already picked him for Chi, but I pick him again. He works so hard every shift. I like that.

14. Los Angeles Kings: Anze Kopitar. Because he’s wonderful, and greatly underrated.

15. Minnesota Wild: Clayton Stoner. He was captain of the Tri-City Americans, the team I followed for 12 years with season tickets. Great man. Very underrated.


He’s also really beautiful. Like, Patrick Sharp Beautiful:

16. Montreal Canadiens. Carey Price & Scotty Gomez. My Tri-City boys. Love them like family. Have since the first time I met them. I don’t know them now, but judging from how they were raised & the families they come from, they’re probably just the same.

17. Nashville Predators: Mike Fisher. I love Carrie Underwood. Don’t judge me. Haha no, I love that he is a strong Christian in a very non-Christian world. I love him.

First I’ll be obvious,

GOALIES: Tim Thomas & Carey Price

Now for my forwards:

Line 1: Sidney Crosby, Pavel Datsyuk & Jarome Iginla. (Oh my God I think I’m going to faint.)

Line 2: Mike Fisher, Shane Doan & Alex Ovechkin

Line 3: Jonathan Toews, Nathan Horton & Milan Lucic

Line 4:Scotty Gomez, Brian Gionta & Henrik Zetterberg (trust me on this. I know Scott’s game. If he has snipers on ice with him, he can get them the puck. I’d also move Stamkos to wing and put him on with Hank & Scotty).

Extra: Steven Stamkos, Patrick Sharp, Shawn Thornton & Eric Staal

Defense Pairs

1: Zdeno Chara & Dennis Seidenberg (if it ain’t broke…)

2: Nicklas Lidstrom & Duncan Keith

3: PK Subban & Dustin Byfuglien

Extra: Shea Weber, honorable mention, Josh Gorges & Andrew Ference & Brian Campbell.

CAPTAIN: Zdeno Chara, Alternate: Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews & Jarome Iginla.

Leadership? Check. Snipers? Check. Power Forwards? Check. Guys who can step up? Check. Chirpers? Check. What am I missing? I don’t know. Someone, I’m sure. But, I love this. I love this so bad.

Someone revive me. I think I just fainted. 

Hockey is my first love, the Bruins are my team. All hockey is good hockey.



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